Community of Poyentimari Approves Quality of Life Plan

On June 30, 2018 in the midst of a festive atmosphere and with the majority vote of the population, the Quality of Life Plan of the native community of Poyentimari was approved in its general assembly. The activity was led by the community members who presented and validated the characterization of the community. Based on this information, the vision for the next ten years of the community was built and the priorities to achieve their well-being were chosen. It is important to highlight that the activity was carried out fully in Machiguenga, the native tongue of the community. In addition, the head of the Machigenga Communal Reserve and the ECA Maeni along with a Field Museum professional supported the community members during the general assembly, resolving any doubts that were presented.

Participants from the Poyentimari community, the Machiguenga Comunal Reserve, and COMARU at the Quality of Life Plan “Prioritizacion” workhop help in Quillabamba, Peru June 2018.

The head office of the Machigenga Communal Reserve, ECA Maeni, Machiguenga Council of the Urubamba River (COMARU), Office of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples of the Municipality of Echarati, Megantoni National Shrine, and the Field Museum, who motivated and congratulated the effort and participation of the community of Poyentimari, also highlighted the importance of the quality of life plan as a self-constructed document by the community that legitimately reflects their wishes and priorities, and that this document helps to link and work with its external allies. Furthermore, the Head of the community, Mr. Leonidas Goshi, highlighted the importance of the methodology developed, as the different exercises helped the community recognize their strengths and assets and how to leverage them to face challenges in the future.

Isaluth Sonia Morales presenting the Poyentimari community shield during the general assembly held in Poyentimari on June 30, 2018.

The native community of Poyentimari is located in the district of Echarati and is one of the beneficiary communities of the Machigenga Communal Reserve. The development of their quality of life plan is a result of co-management between the executor of the administration contract ECA Maeni and the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (SERNANP). These organizations along with technical and logistical support of The Field Museum trained and accompanied the members selected by the community throughout the process of developing the plan.

The development of the Poyentimari’s Quality of Life Plan is a festive occasion for the community. For this reason the community is preparing to make an official presentation of their plan to various authorities on August 20, 2018 with multiple activities that will show the cultural and natural wealth of the Matsigenka people.

Presentation  by community members of the priorities for the Poyentimari Quality of Life Plan during the general assembly on June 30, 2018.