Shipibo: The Movie of our Memories

In 1953 the anthropologist Harry Tschopik Jr. visited the homelands of the Shipibo people in the Peruvian Amazon with his camera and made a film called the Men of the MontaƱa.More than fifty years later, researchers at the Field Museum in Chicago found these images in the archives of the American Museum of Natural History. They compiled them int a video, so that several generations later, the Shipibo people could finally see Tschopik’s film.

How accurate is Tschopik’s film? What do the Shipibo of today think about their identity, about the changes in their culture, and the future for their children? In July 2010 a team from the Field Museum visited the Ucayali River Basin to show the Tschopik film and collect these commentaries from the Shipibo people.

To obtain a copy of these documentary, please contact Sarah Santarelli- ssantarelli (at) fieldmuseum (dot) org, or it can be obtained through Alexander street press (