Success Stories

Given the chance to reflect on their values, most communities we have been working with choose conservation-compatible ways to improve or sustain their quality of life. The success stories we share below reflect hard work by local communities, and support from The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Shipibo: The Movie of our Memories
In 1953 the anthropologist Harry Tschopik Jr. visited the homelands of the Shipibo people in the Peruvian Amazon with his
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CCNN Yamino valuing culture and handcraft initiative
In their quality-of-life plan, women from the indigenous cacataibo community of Yamino near Cordillera Azul National Park chose two activities:
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“Let’s Achieve Well Being Sustainably”: Addressing a gap in conservation extension
One of the biggest challenges communities face is planning and implementing income-generating projects, a key priority in the quality of
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Professional Development for Youth: the “Cameras and Environment” program
We worked with local youth to build their communication skills as a way to provide professional development in their home
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